Verandah Repairs

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Verandah Repairs

Your verandah can be quite costly to repair, and require an experienced person to investigate and find the most cost effective solution to repair it rather than removing whole verandah floor, which in most cases can cost thousands of dollars. RhinoSeal can seal most verandahs and we have had great success.

We use a 3-tier veranda repair system:

  1. Flexible rubberised grout which we use to grout the whole floor of verandah (not a rigid epoxy grout which take little or no building movement).
  2. A clear waterproofed sealer on whole floor that is stain and mould resistant.
  3. Flexible mould resistant perimeter seal, we have had a 100% percent success rate with this system.

We give a one year labour and material warranty subject to our warranty terms and conditions. Most others will only offer a material warranty which means all labour will be paid by owner of the property if a problem occurs during the warranty period.

Again, we can supply a free no obligation quote, and work for range of customers from real estate agents, strata companies, builders etc.

With our 100 % track record we’ll give you a solution that fits your budget.

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