Our Services

RhinoSeal are the experts in shower sealing and repairs, in most cases we can fix the leaky showers without removing tiles. Using our STOP LEAK INJECTION technology we will seal wet areas. We can revitalize the shower or bathroom area for a fraction of the cost of a renovation.
RhinoSeal are the experts in Driveway Sealing and Repairs. Your driveway is an investment that's well worth protecting. A little investment spent maintaining and resealing can extend the life of the driveway and improve the curb appeal - and value - of your property.
RhinoSeal are the experts in verandah sealing and repairs. 95% of all the verandah leaks we look at can be stopped using our stop leak system at a fraction of the cost of retiling and re waterproofing (without removal of any tiles). Once finished not only have we stopped the leak the verandah looks like new, we buff and clean the verandah leaving it with a fresh new look.
RhinoSeal are the experts in waterproofing. Any area from a small bathroom to a swimming pool, planter box, roof top, retaining walls and much more. We use the highest quality products and use all products in accordance to manufactures specification, fully licensed with years of experience to apply most products from liquid systems to sheet system whatever is required.

We recently moved house and needed to address some issues arising from the building report. George was able to assist us with both renewal of the main shower and also the waterproofing required in the sub-floor area. He gave valuable and clear advice in relation to both tasks and we are very pleased with the outcomes. His five step process has fixed our shower and the new tiles laid match seamlessly with the existing bathroom. In the sub-floor George was able to economically address the issues identified in the building report. We have already recommended George to our neighbour and will certainly be recommending him to others.