Verandah Sealing & Repairs

Verandah Sealing & Repairs


Leaky Verandah?

Rhinoseal are the experts in verandah sealing and repairs. 95% of all the verandah leaks we look at can be stopped using our stop leak system at a fraction of the cost of retiling and re waterproofing (without removal of any tiles) . Once finished not only have we stopped the leak the verandah looks like new, we buff and clean the verandah leaving it with a fresh new look.

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RhinoSeal Verandah Sealing System‚Äč

STOP LEAK INJECTION is a combination of products and procedures that allow our trained staff to waterproof wet areas without the need to remove tiles.

Our 3 Tier System has a 100% success rate.

After thoroughly cleaning the entire verandah.

  1. We re-grout the whole floor with a polymer modified flexible waterproofing grout. This rubberized grout which is applied to the whole floor of the verandah, we don’t use a rigid epoxy grout which take little or no building movement.
  2. We apply 2 coats of heavy duty Hydro stop coating as per the manufacturer’s instructions to the floor. This clear waterproofed sealer is stain and mould resistant.
  3. We apply a water stop bead around perimeter creating a flexible mould resistant perimeter seal.

All backed by our written Guarantee!

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