Waterproofing Your Shower

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We fix Leaking Showers (Shower Base Replacement)!

Leaky shower? We specialise in waterproofing leaking showers, if your shower is leaking badly we will fix it and stop it from leaking. We will waterproof it and retile it, making it look great again. With over 25 years of experience and the commitment to uncompromising perfection, our expertise is unmatched in our industry. We can seal your shower or we can replace the shower tray, whatever is required we will inspect and give you the most economical system that will work for your situation.

5 Tier System – 100% success rate (Shower Base System)
  1. Flexible waterproof membrane applied to floor.
  2. Waterproof tile Glue.
  3. Flexible rubberized grout, we grout the wall and floor of shower.
  4. A clear waterproofed sealer on wall and floor of shower that is stain resistant and mould resistant.
  5. Flexible mould resistant perimeter seal

We take pride in our work and finish most showers within 2 day! We also give a complete clean and disinfect the bathroom.

All backed by our written Guarantee!

Other services we provide are retiling and waterproof old showers, re-grout and seal kitchens, balconies and any tiled areas needing attention.


Waterproofing Your Shower 13
Old Worn Shower
Waterproofing Your Shower 14
New Revitalized Shower
Waterproofing Your Shower 15
Old Worn Shower
Waterproofing Your Shower 16
New Revitalized Shower
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