Leaking Verandahs

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Leaking Verandahs

Leaking verandahs

We fix leaking verandahs. Why remove all the tiles when RhinoSeal can re-seal and stop them leaking at a fraction of the cost of re-tiling and re-waterproofing verandahs.

Verandah Sealing

  1. Thoroughly clean verandah to take away dirt and grime from floor.
  2. Re-grout whole floor with a polymer modified flexible waterproofing grout.
  3. Apply 2 coats of heavy duty Hydro stop coating as to manufactures instructions to floor .
  4. Apply a water stop bead around perimeter.

This system is a 3 tier system:

  1. Flexible rubberised grout which we use to grout the whole floor of verandah (not a rigid epoxy grout which take little or no building movement).
  2. A clear waterproofed sealer on whole floor that is stain and mould resistant.
  3. Flexible mould resistant perimeter seal, we have had a 100% percent success rate with this system.
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